Most of my existing tools and libraries are written in Haxe. However I now write only Rust.

PCB and firmware for an Inertial Navigation System (INS). The firmware used measurements from an Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), a static pressure sensor, and a GNSS receiver to compute position, velocity, and attitude at a rate of 100Hz. The final printed board was roughly the size of a 2 euro coin.
Generates a beautiful CV using information in a yaml file. Because data should never be coupled with the styling.
hxdefold file_type_haxe
This library allows for the usage of Haxe as the scripting language for the Defold game engine. While I am not the original author, I am currently the only maintainer.
flights-cli file_type_haxe
This command-line tool scrapes the Skiplagged API, and allows the user to exhaustively search for flights over any combination of departure and return dates. Also supports defining custom itineraries to obtain the best possible hop-by-hop flight combination possible.
hxttp file_type_haxe
An HTTP and WebSocket server written from scratch in pure Haxe, with the only dependency being on the system's TCP sockets. The implementation is as efficient as one can get in Haxe, with multi-threading support and usage of socket select() to avoid busy waiting. It also comes with a rudimentary router, although that's currently in the design phase. This is currently powering most of my personal web apps.
udprotean file_type_haxe
Server/client UDP communication protocol in Haxe, with reliable in-order message delivery.
astar file_type_haxe
Generic A* solver in Haxe.
goap file_type_haxe
Haxe implementation of the Goal-Oriented Action planner algorithm for dynamic AI agent.
bytesize file_type_haxe
Abstract Haxe type for human-readable byte sizes.
bytetype file_type_haxe
Zero-overhead abstract for reinterpreting byte arrays as types with fields. Allows for network communiation using type-safe messages.
escript file_type_haxe
Simple macro-based event scripting engine for Haxe games.
pool file_type_haxe
Efficient macro-powered object pooling Haxe library.
quadtree file_type_haxe
Quad-tree data structure in Haxe, supporting all convex polygonal shapes.
poorfolio file_type_haxe
My personal finance dashboard. A web app in Haxe, using React and Highcharts on the front end. It is tailored to my personal finance planning, showing the progression of my net worth over time, tracking expenses, and even contains a custom-made parser for parsing card statement pdfs generated by my bank.
picodope file_type_haxe
Command-line interface for interacting with a PicoScope oscilloscope. This tool lets the user quickly obtain both analog and digital measurements, by simply describing what needs to be measured in command-line arguments and obtaining the results printed to standard output.
Docker build image for the Defold game engine.
Native C# library for generating plausible and valid random data, from simple strings to human data and credit cards.
C# command-line argument parsing library, supporting deserialization, commands and help text generation.
An ORM library for C#, supporting MySQL and SQLite. Query-free integration with relational databases in an object-oriented manner.
Tool for viewing large maps comprised of multiple adjacent Tiled files in real-time.
Watermark remover for premium images. Works as a CLI, web app, and API.
Deterministic generator of cryptocurrency recovery seeds from passphrases. A tool like this makes it possible to quite literally carry your wealth in your mind, with no material representation of it that would make the owner vulnerable to seizure or extortion. This tool needs to be rewritten in JavaScript so that it can be available from anywhere, and run transparently in the user's browser.